Dracula the Unconquered #1: Return of the Black Death

In our first issue, Dracula is resurrected ten years after a defeat that saw him locked away in the crypt of the Tower of London.  Returned to life — or at least to undeath — by one of his oldest rivals and a young London librarian named Thalia, Dracula is faced with a decision:  Take up his mission to conquer the world of the living once again, or stand against his own kind and be destroyed!

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Dracula the Unconquered #2: Captives of the Catacombs

Dracula and Thalia may have escaped from the Tower of London, but when they return to Dracula’s estate, they’re in more danger than ever!  Who is the madman that has caged them with a house full of deathtraps, and what does he want from the greatest of all vampires?  Find out if Dracula and Thalia can survive becoming Captives of the Catacombs!

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