Three More Interviews About Dracula the Unconquered!

We’re less than a week away from the release of Dracula the Unconquered #1, and Chris Sims has been making the interview rounds again!

First, Chris appeared as the very first guest on the Geekin’ Out podcast, where he spent almost two hours talking about everything from Dracula’s pop culture connections to writing Thalia to the Canadian teen boat comedy, Breaker High.

In antoher first, this time at Nerdcenaries, interviewer Luke Herr talks to Chris about the math behind Dracula and whether or not he considers himself an expert on vampires in general.

Finally, Geoffrey D. Wessel at the Comics Bulletin gives us an extremely in-depth interview about the roots of the series and where it’s going to go, with questions about “strip-mining pop culture,” the notion of character by consensus, and Chris’s preparedness to take the criticism he hands out at his day job.  Plus, thoughts on the original Dracula:

Wessel: Then again, most people’s ideas of Dracula come nowhere close to what Stoker actually wrote. Sad to think that the god-awful ’90s film got it the closest.

Sims: That’s one of the things that attracted me to the character, though. The idea that we have this idea of Dracula that’s so much bigger and different than his portrayal in the novel. I made a joke that Dracula in Dracula isn’t really any scarier than any weird foreign dude who invites you to his castle and then locks you up and tries to steal your girlfriend. He’s just kind of a creep.

Check out the links for more information on the series, and be here next monday, October 31, for the debut of Dracula the Unconquered!

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