Drac #1: The Cover Process

You’ve already seen Steve Downer’s amazing cover all over the website, but in case you were wondering how we got to something that awesome, here’s a look behind the scenes at the process he went through in creating it:

The first step was sketching out some possible layouts for the cover:

Initially, Steve had the idea of doing the cover as the first panel of the story, showing Thalia opening Dracula’s coffin.  The idea of contrasting this kind of image with a title like Dracula the Unconquered was really fun, but in the end, we decided that our first issue should feature a stronger image of Dracula.

In the end, we decided on Option 3, and Steve did a full-size layout:

Since the story takes place in 1901, Steve based the framing border and the scrollwork around the logo on art from books published in the early 20th century.  With the figures in place, he then moved on to full pencils:

Then to inking the art, shading in Dracula’s signature all-black-everything look:

After that, it was time for the colors!  Steve’s done coloring in books from DC Comics, Boom! Studios and other companies, so it’s no surprise that he did an amazing job with it:

Just so you can see how they all compare to each other, we put them all together!  Here’s the process at work:

We hope you enjoyed this look behind the scenes, and if you think Steve’s art looks great on the cover, wait’ll you see the whole issue!

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