Dracula the Unconquered


Dracula the Unconquered Is Here!

The first issue of the new digital comic book series by Chris Sims, Steve Downer and Josh Krach has arrived!   Set ten years after the events of Bram stoker’s Dracula — some of which may not have gone down the way Harker & Co. wrote about them — our story follows the former Lord of the Vampires as he’s resurrected at the dawn of the 20th century!  Together with his new assistant, Thalia, he sets off on an adventure around the world, battling enemies both old and new — but will he save humanity… or destroy it?

Dracula the Unconquered #1: Return of the Black Death
Read the 6-Page Preview | Buy the Full 24-Page Comic!  CBZ – $1

Dracula the Unconquered #2: Captives of the Catacombs
Read the 6-Page Preview | Buy the Full 24-Page Comic!  CBZ – $1

Each issue of Dracula the Unconquered brings you a full-color 24-page story, released in downloadable .cbr format for just $1!  Our first issue, “Return of the Black Death” is available right now, with more to come!

To learn more about the cast, check out the brand-new Characters page — but beware of spoilers!

For news, reviews, and bonus material for the comic, check out the “News” tab above!

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